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Vital Proteins

Collagen helps our hair, skin, nails, joints… our whole body, and as we get older, we produce less and less of it.

It took a while for collagen to become, consistently, a part of my routine. Now that it is, I can feel the difference.

To skip over my collagen journey and right to my recommendations, scroll to the end 🙂

I first discovered Vital Proteins in 2018, this was my first time trying a collagen protein. I bought the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Unflavored. The directions said to combine with 8 oz of fluid, so I mixed it with water. It was strange to me, it kind of grossed me out. I didn’t really stick with it, randomly I’d mix it with tea or in a smoothie, which was better than just water.

I picked up a canister of Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Vanilla at CVS, I used my 40% off coupon. I also did not like this mixed with just water. I did use it often in smoothies, though. Two scoops blended with frozen blueberries, fresh broccoli, a banana and a squeeze of lemon juice tasted pretty similar to a blueberry muffin. There was usually globs that didn’t fully mix, though.

I started taking NeoCell Super Collagen + Vitamin C Tablets, thinking it would be easier than using the powders. It was, but the tablets don’t have as many grams of collagen, or protein, as either of the powders I had purchased.

I noticed CVS started carrying multiple flavors of Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen. Of course, I used my handy dandy 40% off coupons to try a few of them out. The Tropical Hibiscus and Strawberry Lemon weren’t awful mixed with water. The Beauty Greens had tiny green specs left after mixing.

While checking out more flavors on the Vital Proteins website, I found out about Vital Performance, so I tried that too. The Vital Performance Recover seemed to mix the easiest and fastest.

I also checked out the Ancient Nutrition website to see if there were any new flavors available. I saw some products had a new formula. The Multi Collagen Protein Rest and Recovery Berry , Multi Collagen Protein Beauty Within Guava Passion Fruit and Multi Collagen Protein Strawberry Lemonade might be worth a try!

So, now that you know my collagen journey, here are my recommendations:


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