Dry brushing

Exfoliation and moisturization are skin’s best friends! My favorite way to exfoliate is dry brushing.

Here is what I do

I use a natural boar bristle brush, well three actually. One for my face and neck, one for my body and one for my feet. This is a nice set.

Before I get in the shower, I start with my face. I gently move the bristles from the center outward, in each direction. I do this a few times.

Then I move down to my feet. I walk around barefoot a lot, which is why I chose to have a separate brush for them. I start at my toes and brush towards my ankles, on both the tops and bottoms of my feet.

After my feet, I switch to my body brush. I start at my ankles and work my way up my legs, to my lower back, in small strokes. I do this a few times before making my way to my stomach, chest and the rest of my back. Then, for my arms, I brush fingers to shoulders. All my strokes go towards my heart to improve circulation.

Dry brushing doesn’t take long and my skin feels so soft. It also preps my legs to be epilated.

(Check out my post on epilating https://coolesse.wordpress.com/2021/03/11/epilating/ )

Dry brushing could also help with lymphatic drainage and cellulite treatment.

After dry brushing, I hop in the shower. I moisturize directly after getting out and drying off. Neutralyze Renewal Complex is what I use for my face, and Banana Boat After Sun lotion with aloe for my body. If I’m epilating that day, I don’t put any lotion on my legs until after epilation.

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