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Lunar Hair Cuts

For a long time, people have planned around the moon. Many believe it’s phases can affect how well something will go, or grow. Take a look at The Farmers Almanac, they have a list of “best days” on their website.

I trim my daughter’s hair on each equinox, or solstice, which is every 3 months. I use the Unicorn method. I have her flip her head down, and put her hair in a pony tail on the top of her head, above her forehead. It should, sort of, resemble a unicorn horn. Then I trim the ends straight across.

My hair is curly, and my ends split easily, so I like to trim it more often. I cut a very small amount off, and wait atleast 30 days between trims.

I cut my son’s hair, as needed. I don’t want his hair to grow faster, so I cut it on a day that is best for slowing down growth.

I make sure my scissors are sharp, and try to cut each strand only once. These Scissors are nice, and come with a leather case, so that’s cool 😎

If you want to try cutting your hair by the moon, I recommend checking out this website
Here are the charts, listed on their site, for Europe, North America and South America


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