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Vegetarian Taco Bunny

This bunny taco is so yummy, and so easy. Your kids will love creating this with you 🐇

1. Minute Rice Multi-grain Medley
2. Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
3. Lettuce
4. Black Olives
5. Tostitos Multi-grain Scoops
6. Taco seasoning, or chili powder, salt and pepper
7. Anything else you want 🙂

Mix the rice with a small amount of water and taco seasoning. Put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, and let it sit a few minutes to absorb the seasoning.

Have your little one rip up the lettuce, or atleast their own lettuce, haha.

Try your best to make a bunny shape out of your taco rice.

Your child can add the lettuce around the rice to make a bunny in the grass.

Your child can also tear the olives into pieces for the eyes and nose.

Then, they can add cheese for the tail and whiskers. 🐰

Lastly, have your child place the scoops around the edge of the plate.

Super easy, right?


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