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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Check out the evolution of solar energy!

For a more detailed solar energy timeline

An easy way to make a big difference this Earth day, and everyday, is to switch to solar energy ☀️

Choosing to go solar doesn’t mean you HAVE to install panels. You can get the benefits of solar energy for free, without changing a thing!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency

The average utility customer who enrolls in a Community Solar project will benefit the environment the same as any of the following, every year for the next twenty years!

1. Taking 2 cars off the road (emissions)
2. Not driving 20,000 miles (emissions)
3. Not consuming 1,000 gallons of gasoline (emissions)
4. Not burning 10,000 lbs of coal
5. Not consuming 20 barrels of oil
6. Recycling 390 trash bags full of waste (instead of landfill)
7. Planting 150 trees

Community Solar is a free, state run program. It gives anyone with a electric bill, in a participating area, a way to get the benefits of solar energy, without changing anything!

For more information, please check out this website


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