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Upcycled Hula hoop Dream Catcher

What I used to make this upcycled dream catcher:

1. A hula hoop that had seen better days
2. An old sheet
3. Old clothes, mostly that my daughter grew out of, but were too worn to donate. I cut these up and tied them together
4. A long string. Most of my left over string was not long enough, but luckily I found this sparkly green yarn that worked.
5. Left over string or ribbons
6. Artificial rose vine. I had a bunch of these left over from my wedding, so I decided to use them in multiple ways to decorate my daughter’s room!
7. Beads, feathers or any other little things I found to add, like an earring that lost its mate 
8. Glue gun and scissors

Everything I used was recycled.
I really love how it turned out and there’s a memory in every piece. 💜

About those rose vines…

Created 2018, for my daughter

Another recycled piece of art for my daughter’s room decor. A canvas I bought for $1 at a thrift store. I painted over it and glued the artificial roses around the perimeter. 🦄

Bright, Bold Unicorn Decor AprilBrightSquares


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