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So Many Missing Teeth!

A short story I wrote for my children. Inspired by my daughter, who cannot wait for her first visit from the tooth fairy. Eventually, I’d like to add illustrations, but I haven’t decided how I want to go about them yet.

So Many Missing Teeth!

“Leo! Flower! Five more minutes, then you have to come in!” Mom called.
“Okay!” They called back.
“Leo! I found a wish stick!” Flower shouted to her brother.
“Nice!” He said, running towards her. “You get to pick the side you want, because you found it.
“I pick this one.” She said, putting her fingers around the thicker branch.
Leo grabbed the other side.
“One! Two! Three!” they said, at the same time.
Crack! The wish stick broke.
Flower was holding the bigger piece in her hand. She was smiling. “I won!” She cheered.
“You got lucky, because it’s your birthday tomorrow.” Said Leo.
She shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe.” She said.
Flower closed her eyes and made her wish.

The next morning, Flower woke up with a wiggly tooth.
“Mom! My wish came true! My wish came true!” She said happily.
“What did you wish for?” Asked her mom. “To lose a tooth and now I have a loose one!” Flower said.
“That’s a special surprise!” Her mom said. “Happy birthday!” She gave Flower a hug.

Flower wiggled her tooth a lot that morning.
She hoped it would fall out that day.

After lunch, Flower got an ice cream cone for dessert.
She devoured the ice cream and started to bite the cone.
“It came out!” She said.
At 1:00, Flower lost her first tooth!
This was a great birthday.
She loved turning 6!

At 2:00, Flower tried to blow a bubble.
She chewed and chewed her gum. Then she puckered her lips and forced air out of her mouth.
Out popped her gum and ANOTHER tooth!
“Dad!” She shouted “I lost another tooth!”
“No way, that’s nuts!” He said.
Flower smiled and showed him her tooth in the palm of her hand.
At 3:00, Flower got an apple for a snack. She bit into it and ANOTHER tooth fell out!
At 4:00, Leo and Flower were playing outside. They were racing when Flower fell down. ANOTHER tooth fell out!
At 5:00, Flower sneezed. It was a big sneeze. So big, it blew ANOTHER tooth out!
At 6:00, Flower’s family sang Happy Birthday to her.
They were each eating a piece of cake when she lost ANOTHER tooth!
This was Flower’s craziest birthday, ever!

That night she put six teeth under her pillow, for the tooth fairy.

When Flower woke up, she lifted her pillow. She saw 6 shiny coins and a note.
It said “Shhh. Happy Birthday! love, the Tooth Fairy”

Flower looked in the mirror and smiled. She wasn’t missing any teeth, but she did have a wiggly one!
Flower woke her brother up. “Leo! My teeth grew back already!” She said.
“What are you talking about?” He asked.
She smiled and showed him her teeth.
“Oh, you have a wiggly tooth.” He said. “That’s cool. Happy birthday!”
Flower asked “It’s my birthday again?”

The End

© 2021 Cool Esse

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