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Dandelions contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals. They can be made into tea or added to salads. Sap from the stems can be used to alleviate itchy insects bites or stings. It treats acne, eczema, warts and other skin conditions. Dandelions can eliminate toxins and cellulite, improve digestion and lower cholesterol. These plants are being researched for cancer treatment, the root extract can kill certain cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.

My daughter, about 3 years ago, the first time she helped me make Dandelion Tea
Make a wish
Picking flowers

For more information about Dandelions visit
Or watch this video from Dr. Axe


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9 thoughts on “Dandelions

    1. My favorite way to prepare dandelions is by making them into a tea. I just use the yellow flower heads. Rinse them and add them to a tea ball infuser. Steep in just boiling water (similar to green tea) for 3 minutes and add some raw honey.

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