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FRIENDS: My 12 Favorite Episodes

FRIENDS. I grew up watching Friends. Years ago, my brother got me all the seasons as a birthday gift, way before they were on Netflix. Laughter is great for our health, so watch friends and enjoy the benefits πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰

I love all the episodes, but here are 12 of my favorites.

1. The One with the Thumb

2. The One with the Baby on the Bus

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3. The One with the Prom Video


4. The One with the Cat


5. The One with Ross’s Sandwich


6. The One where Paul’s the Man


7. The One with Phoebe’s Cookies


8. The One with the Red Sweater

9. The One with the Video Tape


10. The One Where Monica Sings


11. The One with the Mugging


12. The One with Ross’s Tan



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