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What’s Your Personality Type?

I am The Mediator (INFP-T)

“Mediators are quiet, private free spirits who view life as an endless series of idealistic possibilities waiting to be realized. They typically try to get along with others and promote harmony.” –

Here is a chart showing approximately how common each type is for both men and women

Find out your personality type here.

A few famous INFPs
John Lennon • Bob Marley • Princess Diana • William Shakespeare • Joni Mitchell • Edgar Allen Poe • J.R.R. Tolkien • C.S. Lewis

Sleeping Beauty • Daenerys Targaryen • Luna Lovegood • Luke Skywalker _

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9 thoughts on “What’s Your Personality Type?

    1. You’re a rare type! Thank you for sharing your results 🙂
      I enjoy taking them as well, it’s interesting how true they can be. Did you find yours to be pretty accurate?

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  1. When I originally took this test almost 10 years ago, I tested as an INTJ-A – the rarest personality type amongst females. It explained why I always felt so alone. Eventually I began seeking out other INTJs, and wow what a relief to have *my people.* 6 years ago I married my INF/TP husband. I just re-took the test and now test as as an INTP-A. He has shown me the logic of not being wound so tightly. LOL! That said, I’m not sure I could manage being “P” without his influence. Also, I have developed a chronic illness and that forces me to be a bit more flexible. Fun post!


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  2. Fun! I love personality quizzes and always find it interesting to take them every few years to see how I have evolved and changed. I am currently an INFJ-A. I used to fall more on the extroverted side but that has shifted to more introverted these days. I will be featuring this post tomorrow!


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    1. Nice, I remember taking a similar quiz in high school, I’m not sure what kind it was or what my results were 😄 but I’ll have to take this one in a few years to see if I get a different result. Thanks 🙂


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