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Cool Books for Kids

I noted the books that have been turned into movies.

Monkey Magic: The Curse of Mukada
By Grant S. Clark
An 11 year old goes on a trip with her dad and ends up investigating a mystery. She may be the key to breaking an ancient curse and saving the rainforest! This book is adventurous, magical and eye-opening. It is book one of a 3 part series! Free with Kindle Unlimited! $2.99 Kindle $7.99 Paperback
Age 7-11+

Check out Monkey Magic: The Curse of Mukada

Magic Tree House Dinosaurs Before Dark
By Mary Pope Osborne 
An 8 year old brother and 7 year old sister find a tree house, not too far from their own house. It’s magical powers send them through time and all around the world! This is book one of MANY Magic Tree House books!
Books 1-4 are $9.28 Paperback $14.99 Kindle
Age 6-9+

Check out Magic Tree House Boxed Set, Books 1-4

Belly Up
By Stuart Gibbs
A 12 year old boy has a knack for solving animal mysteries at the FunJungle zoo. This is the first book in the FunJungle series, the 8th book is planned to be released sometime in Spring of 2023.
Free on Kindle Amazon Kids+ $6.99 Paperback
Age 8-12+

Check out Belly Up

The Secret Lake
By Karen Inglis
A sister and her little brother start to wonder where their neighbor’s dog keeps going. Their curiosity gets them sent back in time!
Free with Kindle Unlimited $2.99 Kindle $7.99 Paperback
Age 8-12+

Check out The Secret Lake

Fish in a Tree
By Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Ally, a misunderstood 6th grader, has switched schools, and teachers, plenty of times. It’s usually the same… but this time is different, this teacher is different and now Ally is different too.
$8.99 Kindle $7.29 Paperback
Age 10-14+

Check out Fish in a Tree

The Crossover
By Kwame Alexander
Athleticallty talented 12 year old twin brothers go through the ups and downs of their preteen lives. This is book is written in free verse and is such a creative, cool, quick read! This is the first book in the 3 part series.
$8.99 Kindle $7.99 Paperback
Age 10-12+

Check out The Crossover

Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Deep End
By Jeff Kinney
A preteen boy, his teenage brother and their parents take an RV camping road trip. This is the 15th and most recent book in the Wimpy Kid series. *A few of the books have been made into movies. The 16th book is available for pre-order and will be released in October of 2021.
$7.01 Kindle $7.38 Hardcover
Age 8-12+

Check out The Deep End

By Louis Sachar
A boy, Stanley Yelnats, gets sent to a camp detention center, where he has to dig holes all day. Why do the kids have to dig holes? Can Stanley dig up some answers? There are also two more books in the Holes series.
$7.99 Kindle $4.67 Paperback *movie
Age 10-13+

Check out Holes

Hide and Seeker
By Daka Hermon
A boy goes missing for over a year and comes back with scars all over. He tries to warn his friends, but after a game of hide and seek, one by one, they go missing too!
$10.99 Kindle $14.28 Hardcover
Age 8-12+

Check out Hide and Seeker

The 13th Warning
By R.L. Stine
A 12 year old boy gets a strange warning… if he accumulates 13 thirteens by midnight on his 13th birthday, a horrible curse will be unleashed! This book is a fun, fast read.
Free on Kindle Amazon Kids+
$4.99 Paperback
Age 8-13+

Check out The 13th Warning

By Roald Dahl
A brilliant 5 year old discovers something amazing about herself while getting mistreated by her family and principal.
$7.99 Kindle $4.99 Paperback *movie
Age 8-12+

Check out Matilda

Flora and Ulysses
By Kate DiCamillo
A 10 year old girl finds a squirrel who writes poetry and has super powers! *movie
$1.99 Kindle $7.69 Paperback

Check out Flora and Ulysses

Word of Mouse
By James Patterson
A blue, reading, writing, talking mouse escapes from a lab, tries to survive the world and meets friends along the way.
$3.99 Paperback $7.99 Kindle
Age 8-12+

Check out Word of Mouse

A Wrinkle in Time
By Madeline L’Engle
Meg, her younger brother and her friend get a visit from a strange being, Mrs Whatsit. She tells them they need to save Meg’s dad, who is imprisoned on another planet. Can they travel through time and space to save him and the universe from the Dark Thing? This is book one of the five part series. *movie
$5.98 Kindle $5.21 Paperback
Age 10-14+

Check out A Wrinkle in Time

The prices included reflect the prices on Amazon at the time this post was written. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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2 thoughts on “Cool Books for Kids

  1. Lots of great kid’s books here! My 10 year loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid and has read the entire series multiple times. My 8 year old, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with reading. It drives me bonkers because I am an avid reader. Thanks for sharing your suggested titles!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series seems to be a hit, along with Dog Man! Reading is tricky, maybe your younger one will find something he likes on this list 🙂


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