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Good Buy, Goodbye, Hello ♡ Stripes

Each month, Shelbee on the Edge and Nancy’s Fashion Style share good buys and good-byes.

This month’s theme is stripes.

My Good Buy: Striped Top- Amazon

Striped Top – check it out here

My Goodbye: Striped Drawstring Dress- Forever 21

I bought this striped dress a looong time ago, but I don’t wear it anymore, so I decided to say goodbye…

My Hello– Boho Shoulder Bag- Upcycled

I transformed my striped dress into a boho shoulder bag. 🦋 A few weeks ago, my daughter and I refashioned one of her dresses into a cute fringe purse. I wanted to create a bag from this dress, because of its drawstring. I love how it turned out!

So there’s my striped good buy, goodbye and hello

Recently, I learned wearing stripes used to be an easy way for people to be warned you were dangerous, rebellious or outcast.

The Devil’s Cloth: A History of Stripes

More striped styles to check out on amazon


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7 thoughts on “Good Buy, Goodbye, Hello ♡ Stripes

  1. I love this post! So fun! I do love learning the history of different textiles, prints, and fashions. Isn’t it so funny how stripes indicated that you might be a dangerous person. Also, polka dots were highly offensive to wear during times of plague because the dots reminded people of the diseases! Thanks for the shout out for our fun little Good Buy/Good-Bye Book series!


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