Cows and Fish and Bears

Oh my πŸ˜„

We recently took a trip to Dutch Wonderland 🏰

In the parking lot
Cartoon Filter

It was pretty awesome

Cool rides, games and food, but I’ll be sharing photos of the cows, fish and bears πŸ˜„

Here’s a photo of the view from the bridge while heading over to Exploration Island
I cropped out the bridge, this version of the photo is my favorite
Cropped out most of the water
Cropped some more for a better view of the cows. I like this version a lot too, but it was taken on my phone and it’s zoomed in a lot, so it’s a little fuzzy

Here’s a ride photo

Another photo from the bridge
And another

Link Ups

PPAC . Thursday Trios . One to Three . WWE . Squares

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14 thoughts on “Cows and Fish and Bears

    1. It was such a beautiful day!! Glad I could introduce it to you, likewise, I had no idea today is Thanksgiving in Canada! I read your reply about your sweet snake sign photo and saw a bunch of Happy Thanksgivings, was confused and looked it up πŸ˜„ so Happy Thanksgiving to you! Cropping is definitely awesome πŸ‘Œ I think the cows, leaves and fence reflections get lost in the other 3 versions, I wish the last version zoomed in on the cows was clearer. I probably should have brought my camera πŸ€”

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