Fall Globe

This fall globe is so pretty and super easy to make!

I filmed this video to show how the glitter lays on the “tree” after the “leaves” fall. I also think the glare looks cool, almost like a fire. You can hear my son in the background, he was playing Xbox 😂 It kind of fits the video though, like he’s talking about the fire glare 🤣🤣

My kids and I found a stick in the yard and broke it to fit snuggly into an old sauce jar, we didn’t glue it

We used the petals of some artificial mums as our fall leaves

We added some red glitter, distilled water and a little bit of glycerin

We closed the lid tightly, but didn’t glue it, it’s been a few weeks and no leaks

We painted the stick with Dishwasher Safe Modge Podge and let it dry for 2 days. It looked fine and felt dry, so we added it to our globe (without waiting an additional 26 days like the directions say) There was weird white streaks on it so we got a new stick and just rinsed it off but didn’t seal it.

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