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Cool Creepy Plants

1. Popping Wild Violet Seed Pods

These tiny little plants have three pods that hold a bunch of seeds. The pods open and start squeezing their victims out, one by one

I found the rest of these plants from other cool sites on the web. Check out the links back to their sites for more plant information 🌱

2. Snapdragon Seed Pod Skulls

Image Source: City Sonnet

Snapdragon Seeds

3. Orchid Spiders

Image Source: Gardening Know How

Live Orchids

4. Color Changing Skeleton Flower

Image Source: Chemistry World

Skeleton Flower Seeds

5. Carnivorous Spiky Sundew

Live Sundews

6. Bat Face Cuphea

Image Source: Spadefoot Nursery

Live Bat Face

7. Dolls Eyes

Image Source: The Gypsy Thread

Doll’s Eyes Seeds

8. Sharp Toothed Carnivorous Venus Fly Trap

Live Venus Flytraps

9. Awful Smelling Corpse Flower

Image Source: Tree Hugger

Purple Corpse Seeds

10. Asian Bleeding Heart

Image Source: The Guardian

Bleeding Heart Seeds

11. Ghost Flower

Image Source: Btweenblinks

Ghost Seeds

Link Ups

Creepy . FOTD . On the Edge


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