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Cool Harry Potter Stuff

1. Snitchet Spinner

A golden snitch fidget spinner.

2. Blankets

Cozy blankets, this one has the Hogwarts Castle on it and is really soft. This Marauder’s Map blanket has more of an antique look and feel.

3. Cups

These glass cups have a different house crest on each, I guess that makes them house cups, lol. This constellations tumbler also features each house. This Polyjuice Potion flask is stainless steel.

4. Mugs

This Starbucks spoof mug is funny. I like mugs with lids, so I 💜 this cauldron mug.

5. Jewelry

This golden snitch necklace can be used for aromatherapy. These earrings are cute.

6. Character Action Figures

These characters come with 2 outfits and 5 accessories. Check out Harry Potter and the gang.

7. Legos

The Polyjuice Potion Bathroom, Hagrid’s Hut, The Great Hall and the Hogwarts Express and Castle are all cool Lego sets.

8. Games

Harry Potter HedBanz, guess what’s on your forehead by asking questions. CLUE, someone is missing and you have to figure out what happened. Both cool kid, family or party games.

9. Wand

This wand interacts with others, when you have more than one. You can magically control your tv with this remote control wand. 😄

10. Snuggy

Snuggle up Hogwarts style.

11. Candles

A pretty Harry Potter ring is inside this candle. It’s magical when this one changes color.

12. Journals

This vintage locking leather journal has aged paper with ripped edges inside. This smash journal kit comes with a bunch of Harry Potter items to decorate with. This locking journal comes with an invisible ink wand.

13. Activity Books

How does Harry Potter get rid of an itch? Check out more with this joke book. This Hidden Hogwarts book is a scratch off book. This coloring book is nicely detailed. Fold paper into something cool with this origami book. This Hogwarts search and find book can be used solo or have a “who can find it first” competition. This activity book is full of mazes and puzzles and comes with a pencil topper.

14. Magical Capsules

A mystery character and accessories comes in each of the Magical Capsules.

15. Puzzles

This jigsaw puzzle has characters from the films. This Hogwarts Castle puzzle glows in the dark.

16. Costumes

A Hogwarts robe in each house and an accessory set.

17. Kitchen Books

When you feel like whipping up something Harry Potter inspired use these cooking, baking or cocktail recipe books.

18. Stuffed Toys

Lucky and Crookshanks

19. Soft Interactive Toys

Dobby️, Hedwig, the sorting hat and Harry Potter each make different sounds.

20. Clothes

This snuggle this muggle infant set is so adorable! This Herbology T-Shirt, Pajamas, House T-Shirt, and pair of Dobby Socks are cool too.

21. Craft Kits

This kit has what you need to make Harry Potter crochet and this bead kit comes with a bunch of beads that you can make into characters.

22. Craft Books

Get inspired to make tons of cool things with this Crafting Wizardry book. This book has awesome Harry Potter themed knitting patterns.

23. Books

The complete set of Harry Potter books. The pop-up guide to Hogwarts is pretty cool. The illustrated editions collection of books is fun for younger readers. Harry Potter: A History of Magic is interesting.

24. Movies

The Harry Potter complete film collection.

And lastly

25. A lovely painting of Hagrid 🤣

So, how does Harry Potter get rid of an itch?

Quit-itch 😄


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