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Easy Do It Yourself Candy Card

Candy cards are a fun, cute gift. I found this photo of one I made a long time ago. I taped two filing folders together to make it long and easy to fold.

I used:

Rolo minis
Peanut M&Ms
Mr. Goodbar
Reeses pieces
Hot Tamales

It says:

So, I wanted to let you know, that even though you’re a Nerd, you are still my Sweetart. I love when I Rolover and see you next to me. Be nice to me today and maybe you’ll Skor 😉 One day, we will be Mr. and Mrs. I promise, I will never let Mr Goodbar put his Butterfingers on my Mounds 🙂 I hope this card makes you feel Extra special. I love you to pieces. Happy Valentine’s Day
Love, your Hot Tamale

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