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DIY Taco Card

This taco card is super easy to make. It’s cute for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays or any occasion.

This one is from me to my husband, but the wording can be altered for a version appropriate for anyone you want to give it to.

I used a folder with 3 hole punch prongs and cut it into a taco shape. I left 2 of the prongs inside.

Then, I used construction paper to make the ingredients and used the prongs to secure them in the taco.

I added

• Olives – Olive when you hug me
• Tomatoes – and rub me from my head tomatoes
• Meat – meat me later
• Lettuce – lettuce cuddle all night 😉
• Cheese – I hope this cheesy card made you smile 🙂

Check out the video of this taco card on my pinterest

Other variations could include beans and something like “It’s bean great having you in my life.” The cheese could say “You make my heart melt.”

Here’s another version for a parent to put in their child’s room in the morning

Olive how sweet and kind you are.
You make me smile from my head tomatoes.
Meat me downstairs.
Lettuce hug.
I hope this cheesy card made you giggle.

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