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Mushroom Dreamcatcher

To make this mushroom dreamcatcher, I used:

• A Pringles lid
• White embroidery thread
• Red yarn
• Wooden beads
• A Buddha bead

Check out the video on Pinterest 🍄

I cut out the middle of the lid and wrapped the thread around the rim. To make it warped, I bunched the wrapped thread together. I looped the thread around the rim and into the center to form a web. I left a tail in the middle for the beads.

I used the red yarn and cut a bunch of strips to fold around the rim. I tied them together and wrapped the remaining yarn into a whimsical top.

I used the thread to make 3 white knots on the mushroom.

Then, I added the beads to the thread tail.

Click here to check out some of my mushroom photography

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