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Color Changing Markers

I’ve been wanting to try out Chameleon markers for a little while, but haven’t because they’re kind of expensive. There are some pretty good sales going on, so, I figured now’s a good time. This Nature Tones set is on sale for only $13.50 on Amazon! I also got a pack of Floral Tones, Skin Tones and Blue Tones.

They’re awesome 🙂

Here’s a video I put on Pinterest

Chameleon also made a water color based version of blending markers for kids. This Chameleon Kidz Art Portfolio Kit is cool; it comes with markers, stencils, magic reveal posters and an airbrush.

Another thing I want to mess around with is resin. These resin pyramids are so cool 😍 

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2 thoughts on “Color Changing Markers

    1. Definitely, they have been fun to play around with so far. Not sure if you have a pinterest, but you can see a video I put on there testing one out. I’ll draw something cool with them and put it on here soon 🙂

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