Easy Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls

These Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls are so yummy and quick to make. Ingredients:•Dough•1 sweet potato 2 1/2 tbsp butter1/2 cup self rising flourSprinkles of cinnamon Sprinkles of sugar •Glaze•1 tbsp butter1 tbsp waterSprinkles of powdered sugar (This recipe is for 1 medium sized sweet potato- double if using 2 and so on, add a littleContinue reading “Easy Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls”

Hello UniMerKitty Cake

My little girl turned 6! For her birthday, she requested a kitty cake. Then changed her mind to a unicorn cake; then a mermaid cake…😂 In the end, this is what she decided on. A Hello UniMerKitty cake 🙂 To make this cake, I used: 1. A small round cake2. Cupcakes3. White, green, and pinkContinue reading “Hello UniMerKitty Cake”


This treat is simple and kid friendly. My children enjoyed creating their own yummy bunnies and butterflies! It was inspired by this one, from Julie, I used two rolls for each bunny, one for the head, and half for each ear. Comparing Pillsbury vs Great Value, the Great Value was easier to unroll. They bothContinue reading “Cinnabunnies”

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