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Flower & Leo | The Leprechauns

Flower & Leo The Leprechauns It was St. Patrick’s Day and we spotted a rainbow.It was very pretty so we decided to follow. We saw a leprechaun and a story he told. About a rainbow that leads to a pot of gold. He led the way to a gigantic clover field. Each one had fourContinue reading “Flower & Leo | The Leprechauns”


Dandelions contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals. They can be made into tea or added to salads. Sap from the stems can be used to alleviate itchy insects bites or stings. It treats acne, eczema, warts and other skin conditions. Dandelions can eliminate toxins and cellulite, improve digestion and lower cholesterol. These plants areContinue reading “Dandelions”

Wild Violets

Wild Violets can be used to promote wound healing, treat inflammation and coughing. For more information on Wild Violets, visit the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine This is interesting as well! Long ago, it was known as the flower of love and fortune telling.


This treat is simple and kid friendly. My children enjoyed creating their own yummy bunnies and butterflies! It was inspired by this one, from Julie, I used two rolls for each bunny, one for the head, and half for each ear. Comparing Pillsbury vs Great Value, the Great Value was easier to unroll. They bothContinue reading “Cinnabunnies”

Rainbow Pancakes

To make these rainbow pancakes, I mixed up some pancake batter and divided it into 6 separate bowls. I dyed it different colors with neon food coloring. I put the burner on low and added butter to the pan. I poured purple batter in the center of the pan and worked my way outwards withContinue reading “Rainbow Pancakes”

Walking Water Rainbow Experiment

My kids love experiments, and so do I. Here is one where you set up cups and put water in every other one. Then link them with a paper towel and the water walks to the empty cups, mixing colors when they meet. I think it’s a cool one to do in March, since itContinue reading “Walking Water Rainbow Experiment”