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Fall Stuff

September ended, does that mean it’s time to wake up? Is it weird that when I think of Green Day, I think of that scene in the movie Knocked Up when little Iris Apatow says she wants to hear them? 😆 I always hate when summer is over, but the fall scenery makes up forContinue reading “Fall Stuff”

Quick, Easy Corn on the Cob

Do you hate shucking corn? I do. That’s why I haven’t in years! Instead of wasting time shucking, you can prepare corn on the cob easily with this quick method 👌 For 2 Ears of Corn1. Cut off the ends2. Microwave, uncovered 4 minutes3. Use a hot pad to squeeze and remove the husk fromContinue reading “Quick, Easy Corn on the Cob”

Vital Proteins

Collagen helps our hair, skin, nails, joints… our whole body, and as we get older, we produce less and less of it. It took a while for collagen to become, consistently, a part of my routine. Now that it is, I can feel the difference. To skip over my collagen journey and right to myContinue reading “Vital Proteins”