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So Many Missing Teeth!

A short story I wrote for my children. Inspired by my daughter, who cannot wait for her first visit from the tooth fairy. Eventually, I’d like to add illustrations, but I haven’t decided how I want to go about them yet. So Many Missing Teeth! “Leo! Flower! Five more minutes, then you have to comeContinue reading “So Many Missing Teeth!”

Hello UniMerKitty Cake

My little girl turned 6! For her birthday, she requested a kitty cake. Then changed her mind to a unicorn cake; then a mermaid cake…😂 In the end, this is what she decided on. A Hello UniMerKitty cake 🙂 To make this cake, I used: 1. A small round cake2. Cupcakes3. White, green, and pinkContinue reading “Hello UniMerKitty Cake”