Fantastic Fungi

Like most things in nature, I’m intrigued by mushrooms. There are a lot of different species with unique characteristics. So many are still unstudied and even undiscovered. The mushrooms that have been researched provide tons of benefits for us and our planet. I watched an interesting documentary on Netflix, a few months ago, called FantasticContinue reading “Fantastic Fungi”


This plant is often called Touch-me-not because of its exploding seed pods. I prefer the name Jewelweed The plant below is what I think of when I hear Touch-me-not. How cool!? Why the name Jewelweed? It looks shiny and silvery underwater, like a jewel. What is Jewelweed good for? Poison Ivy I don’t get it,Continue reading “Jewelweed”

Daily Checklists

IT’S SUMMER! After a year of cyber school, I needed to updated my kids’ daily checklist. While I was at it, I made some for me too. 🙂 We can all use some motivation sometimes, right? I have these saved on my phone and use my stylus to edit them. (You can too 🙂) MyContinue reading “Daily Checklists”

Vital Proteins

Collagen helps our hair, skin, nails, joints… our whole body, and as we get older, we produce less and less of it. It took a while for collagen to become, consistently, a part of my routine. Now that it is, I can feel the difference. To skip over my collagen journey and right to myContinue reading “Vital Proteins”

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