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DIY Dress to Boho Bag

Kids grow out of their clothes so fast. Usually, they get donated, given to someone we know, or if craftiness calls, turned into something new. 🙂

This cute, no sew, boho bag was upcycled from a dress my daughter had out grown. It was a fun project and she loves letting people know we made it together 🙂

We started by cutting the bottom of the dress into strips

We tied the top strips to the bottom, pulled them tight and double knotted them

We cut the shoulder straps and tied 3 strings of yarn to the top 2

Then braided the yarn and connected the top to the bottom to make a long strap on both sides

Then I unraveled the tied ends of yarn for a fluffier, fringed look

That’s it, super cute, super simple and holds a decent amount of weight!

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