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Upcycled Halloween Globe

To make this Halloween globe, my kids and I only used things we already had

•Pickle Jar
•Plastic Coffee Cup Lid
•Styrofoam Cup (optional)
•Artificial Flower Petals (optional)
•Glycerin (optional)
•Spray Paint (optional)
•Distilled Water

We spray painted the jar lid to cover up the Claussen pickle logo

We found a stick in the yard and broke it to fit snuggly into the jar, so it wouldn’t move without having to glue it

I wanted to add things that were already waterproof, my husband’s Wawa coffee cup lid worked for making bats

Artificial mums have a bunch of petals that I thought could pass as fall leaves

We cut ghosts out of a styrofoam cup, they sometimes stuck together, so we ended up only keeping one in the globe

We added everything to the jar, along with some distilled water, a few drops of glycerin and glitter

We put the lid on tight, but didn’t glue it. We made it about two weeks ago and there hasn’t been any leaking issues

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