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Mommom’s Poem

I lost someone close to me. Everyone in my family did. I wrote this and wasn’t sure if I should share it, but I think it might help.

You used to brush my hair
You made the best waffles
Now I’ll never see you again
And it feels really awful

You walked me to school
We read books together
I promise
Your memory will live on forever

We colored pictures when I was young
We got older and I colored your hair
It’s really hard to accept when I visit Poppop you won’t be there

We picked flowers and made tea
We watched The Vow and you cried along with me

I remember being younger and walking to your house
I’d sneak up the stairs trying to be quiet as a mouse

You helped raise me
You talked with me and packed my lunch 
I think of you a lot and miss you a whole bunch

You always thought of the kids and I
We never left your house empty handed
We didn’t have enough time with you
Why is it so soon that your life with us ended?


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