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Flower & Leo | The Leprechauns

Flower & Leo
The Leprechauns

It was St. Patrick’s Day
and we spotted a rainbow.
It was very pretty
so we decided to follow.

We saw a leprechaun
and a story he told.
About a rainbow
that leads to a pot of gold.

He led the way
to a gigantic clover field.
Each one had four leaves,
We thought, this can’t be real.

There was a little leprechaun boy
Who handed us each a golden toy.

There were lots of leprechauns there
and they all liked to share.

The pot of gold was in the middle.
Next to it we felt so little.

We could only stay there
for a short while.
But we’ll think of our time there
and smile.


I was inspired to write this story by and for my daughter. She is six and loves to read.

At first, I wrote, “We saw a leprechaun, he looked very old.”
When my daughter read that part, she said she didn’t want him to be old. πŸ˜„
Together, we changed it to, “We saw a leprechaun and a story he told.”

More illustrations coming, eventually.



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