Sweet William

Sweet William, Dianthus, the flower of God. This beautiful flower can be added to dishes and drinks, like salad, pasta or tea. It can be used to treat bladder infections, inflammation, constipation, aches and pains. It reduces stress and anxiety, boosts immune system, improves skin’s appearance and prevents hair loss. Dianthus extract is being researchedContinue reading “Sweet William”

Go with the Flow

The Red Winged Blackbird. Some believe it is a symbol of change and truth. Video of the Red Winged Blackbird I saw yesterday Water always goes with the flow For more about Red Winged Blackbird symbolism, check out https://www.auntyflo.com/magic/red-winged-blackbird and https://quornesha.com/2016/02/12/red-winged-black-bird-agelaius-phoeniceus-symbolic-meaning-8264/

12 Cool Things for Summer

Here are 12 cool things you’ll be glad to have when things get hot. 😎 1. Neck Fan 2. Sunglasses 3. Sunscreen and Chapstick 4. Bug Spray 5. Hat 6. SPF Light Weight Weather Proof Clothes 7. Water Bottle 8. Liquid IV 9. Ice Pop Mold 10. Bag 11. Weather Proof Mat 12. Folding Chair


Dandelions contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals. They can be made into tea or added to salads. Sap from the stems can be used to alleviate itchy insects bites or stings. It treats acne, eczema, warts and other skin conditions. Dandelions can eliminate toxins and cellulite, improve digestion and lower cholesterol. These plants areContinue reading “Dandelions”

Ground Ivy

This tiny little lawn flower is full of health benefits. Ground Ivy can be made into a tea to treat a cough, sore throat, ear infection, cold or flu. It can be applied topically to improve skin appearance and feel. This plant is high in vitamin c and can be added to salads. It’s healingContinue reading “Ground Ivy”

Wild Violets

Wild Violets can be used to promote wound healing, treat inflammation and coughing. For more information on Wild Violets, visit the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine https://chestnutherbs.com/violets-edible-and-medicinal-uses/ This is interesting as well! Long ago, it was known as the flower of love and fortune telling. https://wp.me/p3b0ip-1S6

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